Dragon Ball Z Knocks Down Yamcha with a Master Roshi Zinger

Master Roshi and Yamcha are often times considered two of the "weaker" members of the Z Fighters roster, not being able to compete with Super Saiyans or Ultra Instinct, but that isn't stopping the Turtle Hermit from laying into the former baseball star and dessert bandit in one of the original characters of the Dragon Ball series. Often played as a joke in the Dragon Ball series, with Goku and friends forgetting to invite Yamcha to be a part of the Tournament of Power, the latest Moro Arc has given the human warrior more to do recently than years past.

During the Tournament of Power, though Yamcha was forgotten, Master Roshi was given a lot to do and proved himself to be a valuable asset to the forces of Universe 7. Nearly dying as a result of the tournament itself, Roshi was ultimately eliminated but did manage to eliminate a warrior or two before he himself fell off the main stage. Much like Yamcha in the Moro Arc, the Turtle Hermit has also been given lots to do when it comes to fighting the henchmen, and women, of the ancient sorcerer who has made landfall on earth and seeks to absorb the power of all the opponents he faces.

Twitter User ZankyeGaming was able to edit down an clip from the Dragon Ball Super anime in which Master Roshi tells Yamcha to "please not die", rubbing in the wound of the dessert bandit who died originally when Vegeta and Nappa had invaded Earth during the Saiyan Saga of the Dragon Ball Z series:

To be fair, Yamcha hasn't died A LOT, even though his original death in the Dragon Ball Z series is often considered a joke, having only passed into the afterlife twice. The first was the aforementioned kamikaze attack by the Saibaman, while the second came from Majin Buu following the pink monstrosity destroying the earth. Goku has died twice as well, more so if you count his heart stopping in his battle with Hit during Dragon Ball Super, so Yamcha is certainly in good company.

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