New Dragon Ball Z Collectibles Turns Future Trunks into a Samurai

When Future Trunks hit the scene in Dragon Ball Z, the sword wielding son of Vegeta immediately [...]

When Future Trunks hit the scene in Dragon Ball Z, the sword wielding son of Vegeta immediately made himself a fan favorite by slashing through the villain Freeza and now, his swordsmanship is being put to good use with this brand new figure that imagines the Super Saiyan as a samurai! Though this version of Trunks has once again exited the series of Dragon Ball Super following the Goku Black story arc, he remains a fan favorite Saiyan despite his absence in the recent Moro Arc, which features an energy absorbing sorcerer battling the Z Fighters of the present!

The Trunks of the future came from a world ravaged by androids, and while most of the Z Fighters don't wield a sword in the way that he does, it's clear that the son of Vegeta needed all the help he could get when it came to surviving in this alternate timeline. Though he was able to eventually return to his time following the Cell Saga, killing the far more evil versions of Androids 17 and 18, a new threat emerged in the form of Goku Black. The body of Goku from an alternate reality was taken over by Zamasu, the rogue Kaioshin, who was using it in a bid to eliminate all humans from the universe to make way for the gods!

Twitter User KenXyro shared this amazing figure that re-imagines the son of Vegeta as a sword wielding samurai, tattoos and all, proving that Trunks' design has the ability to translate to different eras and environments while still maintaining the aesthetic that has made him a fan favorite:

At the end of the Goku Black Arc, Future Trunks' timeline was destroyed in the battle against Zamasu, making for quite the predicament for the Saiyan warrior. Leaving for a future much like his own, he traveled with his companion Mai to a world that was very much like his own and hasn't been seen since. While we are unsure when Trunks will return to the series, we'd bet money that we haven't seen the last of the future son of Vegeta in the Dragon Ball franchise!

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