Edens Zero Creator Shares Spooky New Halloween Sketch

Edens Zero series creator Hiro Mashima is celebrating the Halloween holiday with a spooky new sketch! While fans might recognize Hiro Mashima more for his work with past series such as Rave Master and Fairy Tail, the creator has been carving out a whole new path in his newest science fantasy type of world. Edens Zero's manga has been a pretty big hit with fans so far, and the new anime it debuted over the course of the Spring and Summer months introduced the series to a whole new realm of fans. So Mashima's been showing this newest series some major love. 

Not only did Mashima recently celebrate the end of the anime's debut season, the creator's been taking to Twitter to share fun new looks for each of his characters in the series. Much like how Mashima still does for certain Fairy Tail favorites, the creator has been highlighting Edens Zero's main crew in ways we'll likely never get to see them in the main series. Mashima's newest sketch sees Shiki Granbell and Rebecca Bluegarden spookying themselves up for the Halloween season, and you can check out their makeovers below from Mashima's official Twitter account: 

The first season of the anime ended its run in Japan, but fans outside of Japan are still waiting to check out what's coming in the rest of the season as Edens Zero currently only has 12 episodes available with Netflix as of this writing. It features both a Japanese and English dubbed audio version, however, and will likely be releasing the rest of its episodes early next year. But there's still plenty of time to catch up as the future of the anime has yet to be set in stone either following the tragic passing of the anime's director.

If you wanted to check out the series, Netflix describes Edens Zero as such, "It is the year X492, an age in which people freely travel through the universe. Rebecca, a video-creating B-Cuber, visits the robotic world of Granbell and meets a young man with special powers: Shiki, who's lived his entire life among machines. Soon Shiki is exploring the cosmos with Rebecca, encountering new places, people and things, and making friends along the way. Join in the adventure starting in 2021 on Netflix."

What do you think of Shiki and Rebecca's spooky looks? How are you liking Edens Zero so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!