Original 'Evangelion' English Dub Cast Petitioning for Re-Dub Roles

While it's still not been officially announced that Netflix will be redoing the English dub for [...]

While it's still not been officially announced that Netflix will be redoing the English dub for Neon Genesis Evangelion when it appears on the streaming service next year, it's looking more and more like that's the case. Given that, the original voice actors have begun petitioning to reappear in it.

Netflix's announcement at the end of November that it was bringing Neon Genesis Evangelion and the original two films to the service focused almost entirely on the fact that this would be the first time they'd be available to stream. The question on fans' minds at the time was: why so long a wait between the announcement and appearance? Why announced it was coming in Spring 2019 in November 2018?

Well, the wait would make sense if the company is working on a new dub; that's something that comments on Twitter from original dub voice actress Amanda Winn Lee (voice of Rei Ayanami) seemed to confirm as much several days later. While the original tweet confirming the new dub by Lee was seemingly deleted, she followed up with further confirmation on December 4th.

"Hey everyone- this is the last thing I can say about Evangelion for now: I spoke with the director yesterday- she's amazing," Lee tweeted. "Whatever happens, Eva is in good hands."

Lee isn't the only one to have commented on the possibility of a new dub either. Spike Spencer (voice of Shinji Ikari) has also made social media posts about the new English dub, and has encouraged folks to use various hashtags to try and make their preference known that fans would like the original cast to return.

Since then, both Spencer and Lee have made multiple posts about the possible re-dub, but explicitly and implicitly requesting Netflix allow to reprise their roles.

What do you think? Would you want an entirely new cast, or do you want the original English cast to return? Let us know in the comments!

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