Fate/stay night Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Gorgeous New Visuals

TYPE-MOON's Fate franchise has exploded to numerous video games, anime, spin-offs, manga, novels, [...]

TYPE-MOON's Fate franchise has exploded to numerous video games, anime, spin-offs, manga, novels, and all kinds of merchandise over its long tenure, and now it's time to celebrate where it all began as Fate/stay night is celebrating its landmark 15th Anniversary. The franchise will be having a special exhibit honoring just how far the franchise has come since the release of the ultra popular original visual novel, and the announcement of the new exhibit comes with a gorgeous trio of new visuals.

This new exhibit, Fate/stay night: Tracing 15 Years of TYPE-MOON, will be honoring the very first entry that sparked it all (according to its official website) and shared new visuals featuring the main heroines of the three original routes of the visual novel illustrated by the game's original artist, Takashi Takeuchi.

The three posters represent the three heroines of the visual novel. Altria Pendragon from the Fate route, Rin Tohsaka from the Unlimited Blade Works route, and Sakura Matou from the Heaven's Feel route. Each route of the visual novel features all three heroines in some way, but make major diversions from one another.

Taking place at the Sony Music Roppongi Museum in Tokyo, the anniversary exhibit will reflect this as well as each route will get its own designated window. The Fate exhibit will be from December 20th to January 20th, the Unlimited Blade Works exhibit will be from January 23rd to February 24th, and the Heaven's Feel exhibit will be from February 27th to April 5th.

These route names should be familiar to even those who have never experienced the original visual novel. Each of them has been adapted into its own anime project, and the major differences can be seen between all of them. But although Fate and Unlimited Blade Works got full anime series, the final route, Heaven's Feel has gotten adapted as a feature film trilogy instead.

The release of the final film of this trilogy is almost here, too! Currently slated for a release in Japan in Spring 2020, Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel III. spring song will be directed by animation director for Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works and Fate/Zero, Tomonori Sudou. Sudou has directed the entire Heaven's Feel trilogy for studio ufotable. Yuki Kajiura is composing the music for the films, and Takahiro Miura is storyboarding the trilogy.