Fire Force Wows with Latest Episode's Fire Fight

Fire Force has most likely been the most divisive action anime series of the Summer. While the overall presentation from David Production's staff has been a major highlight of the series thus far, many criticisms have been fairly lobbed at the series' actual story and characters. But this has mostly faded away as Company 8 has begun a direct fight against the Evangelist, and the mystery between Shinra and his younger brother Sho is deepening with each new episode. But the animation for the series still remains one of the best arguments for the anime thus far.

A great example was presented in the latest episode of the series as Shinra and Sho fought against one another for the first time. As Company 8 made their way into the Nether, they have come face to face with some of their strongest opponents yet -- and some of the most fire animated sequences of the series to date.

[Fire Force] One of the hottest scenes out there. from r/anime

Episode 21 of the series kicked off Company 8's invasion of the Evangelist in order to take back Shinra's younger brother Sho from their grip. But all the while, Shinra's Adolla Burst has been a high point of attention for the enemy. But now that Shinra has trained to pick up his speed in battle, he was able to mostly keep up with Sho's speed. But his brother proved too fast and too in-tune with their devilish abilities.

You can currently catch up with the series on Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW, and can also find it running Saturday evenings as part of Adult Swim's Toonami block. Fire Force was first created by Atsushi Okubo for Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine in 2015, and has since been collected into several volumes.

Kodansha USA has licensed the series for an English language release, and they describe Fire Force as such, "Terror has paralyzed the clockwork metropolis of Tokyo! Possessed by demons, people have begun to burst into flame, leading to the establishment of a special firefighting team: the Fire Force, ready to roll on a moment's notice to fight spontaneous combustion anywhere it might break out. The team is about to get a very unique addition: Shinra, a boy who possesses the unique power to run at the speed of a rocket, leaving behind the famous "devil's footprints" (and destroying his shoes in the process). Can the Fire Force discover the source of this strange phenomenon and put a stop to it? Or will the city burn to ashes first?"