This Custom Fire Force Funko Will Make You Want the Real Thing

With 2019 bringing in a number of white hot anime franchises to brand new audiences such as Demon Slayer and Dr. Stone, Fire Force was one of the most notable of the bunch, focusing on a band of fire fighters battling supernatural flame characters that are primed to become Funko Pops of their own! One fan has decided to create a Funko that replicates the aesthetic of Shinra, the main character of the anime franchise, that has a demonic visage but has put his power over fire to good use in joining the rag tag band of fire fighters.

The second season of Fire Force has already begun taking us into new adventures of Company 8 following the popular initial installments. Shinra, for those who might not be familiar, is the protagonist of the season who has the ability to blast out flames beneath his feet, allowing him to unleash devastating offensive attacks as well as fire himself into the sky and travel at insane speeds. With Shinra's past being a mysterious and nefarious one, with his mother being lost to a fire herself, the second season focuses on the young fire fighter attempting to work alongside new characters as well as battle others. With the latest season already hinting that other members of Shinra's family might still be alive, Fire Force is firing on all cylinders!

Twitter User IGVinylAlchmist shared this impressive Fire Force Funko Pop which replicates the look and aesthetic of Shinra, showing off his ability to manipulate flames beneath his feet, making him one of the best fire fighters around in a world threatened by supernatural, hotter than hell demons:

Shinra is a unique protagonist in the world of anime thanks in part to his demonic appearance, wielding a set of chompers that routinely has people mistaking him for a demon himself. Whenever Shinra would get nervous, he would be unable to control his reaction, which was flashing his pearly whites with a big, wide smile. With Company 8 being one of the strongest fire fighters in a world plagued by monsters of flame, Shinra has truly found a place for his abilities.

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