Studio Trigger Is Down For a Fortnite Collaboration

From Kill la Kill to BNA and beyond, the team at Studio Trigger is responsible for some of the flashiest anime titles on the market. The team has spent the last decade honing its craft, after all, and its crisp visuals are renowned the world over. And according to one of its top executives, Studio Trigger would love to bring its trademark style to Fortnite ASAP. 

The update comes from Hiromi Wakabayashi, one of the top directors and producers at Studio Trigger. The artist spoke with fans recently at Anime Expo and took time to answer questions along the way. It was there Wakabayashi said he is admittedly obsessed with Fortnite, and he would do a lot to design something for the game.

In fact, Wakabayashi has event come up with a few ideas for the deal if Fortnite wants to chat. The producer says he would be interested in designing a battle suit but other skins would be fun to design. Right now, there are no set plans for Studio Trigger and Fortnite to do a collaboration. However,  the game has laid the groundwork for such a deal.

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After all, Fortnite has done anime bundles in the past. Naruto was the first anime to take on the game as players could make their avatars look like the heroes of Team 7. These days, new reports suggest Dragon Ball is next on the list as data from Fortnite suggests Goku, Beerus, and Vegeta are heading to the game. So if fans want to see Studio Trigger draw up something for Fortnite, they better let Epic Games know!

Would you like to see Studio Trigger team up with Fortnite? Which other anime studios need to take on the hit game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.