'Free!' Anime Teases New Project for 2020

If you were worried the boys of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club were ready to hang their caps, there is no need to live in fear any longer. Today, the anime's latest season came to an end, but it left off with a note reassuring fans the series has more to give.

For those unaware, Free! brought its third season to a close, and its credits ended with a teaser. As you can see, a title card was shown before the episode ended, and it featured the following teaser:

"See You in 2020."

So, there you have it. Free! still has something in store for fans, and audiences are trying to figure out what that means.

Of course, the most obvious connection fans are making all comes down to the 2020 comeback. It is no secret that Tokyo will host the next Summer Olympics abroad that year, and Free! has direct connections to such an event. After all, the show's latest season did see the boys compete in college, and Haruka is poised more so than ever to take on the Olympics.

How could Free! not take this opportunity? The only thing Rin really wants to do is compete in the Olympics, and Japan has a unique opportunity to make that happen for the fictional swimmer if all works out well. Now, all fans need to know if whether this teaser is about a full-on season or movie...

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If you are not familiar with Free!, then you have time to catch up. The anime made its debut in July 2013 after it was adapted from a light novel by Koji Oji. Before the show was ordered, a short animated PV featuring the novel's cast was released. Fans from all over the world flocked to the video, buzzing over its animation style and concept. So, when Kyoto Animation green-lit the project for a full season, few were surprised.