Ghost In The Shell New English Dub Brings Back Old Favorites

While the newest season of the Ghost In The Shell anime has already dropped on Netflix, fans were still waiting for an announcement with regards to an English Dub that gives Major Kusanagi and her fellow officers their voice and it seems as if the original cast of Stand Alone Complex will be making a grand return! Though the series has received mixed reception from anime fans that have dove back into this technologically advanced future, the original cast returning to the original Netflix series certainly is looking to up the nostalgia factor of the series.

Stand Alone Complex has been the subtitle for the Ghost In The Shell's franchise making its transition to television, taking the characters that were made popular in the legendary anime movie and putting them into episodic adventures. When the series first premiered in 2002, it warranted two seasons and 52 episodes, recently making a comeback with this new Netflix revival that gives the franchise a computer generated aesthetic with some slick new animation.

Mary E. McGlynn, the voice director for the English Dub of Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045, shared the news that Production IG and BangZoom would be bringing back the cast of the original series to revise their roles within the universe that allowed us to revisit the world of Major Kusanagi and company:

As mentioned earlier, Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045 has left fans torn on the overall quality of the anime, with many being turned off by the new animation style while others simply can't get into the new story of the Major and her fellow android cops of the future. Netflix wasn't able to complete the English dub before the original premiere date, which is why it is being released at a later date.

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