Netflix's Ghost In The Shell Goes Viral Thanks to This Hilarious Clip

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 has arrived onto the small screens of Netflix to a very mixed reception, with some finding a hilarious clip that has gone viral and shown just why so many seem to raise their eyebrows at some of the moments that take place in the newest adventures of Major Katsuragi. When Ghost In The Shell first arrived, it set a high bar for all anime movies following it as the animation and story are still touted by fans to this day decades later and so it can definitely be considered disappointing for those unhappy with the new series!

The clip in question shows a very naked man proceeding to escape from Katsuragi and her fellow officers by doing a succession of quick back flips, making for an insane out of context video that would definitely confuse those unfamiliar with the story of Ghost In The Shell! With the franchise focusing on a world where humanity is often finding itself merged with machines, there have been more than a few confusing scenes and events that have taken place throughout the decades of the franchise, whether they happened in the anime television series or the movies themselves!

Super Eyepatch Wolf, who is a content creator who makes some absolutely amazing videos on the subject of anime, shared this hilarious clip from the latest Ghost In The Shell season that shows the naked, flipping man as he escapes from Katsuragi and company by doing an impressive number of acrobatics:

Ghost In The Shell has been a franchise that has seen its fair share of controversy, with the live action Hollywood feature length film being one of the most recent examples. With the latest series, many fans have not been too forgiving with the animation used as the anime has taken a different direction by employing mostly computer generated graphics to bring the world to life. While the aforementioned clip certainly makes sense for the story, strange as it is, it's definitely understandable that completely without context, it would raise its fair share of eyebrows!

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