Gintama's Final Film Confirms Release Date

When Hideaki Sorachi officially brought Gintama to an end last Summer, it was announced that a new anime project was in the works. This anime project was kept a mystery for some time as very little details had been released following its announcement. It was only this year that we found out that this new project was a feature film with an intended release sometime in 2021. Now more details have been released for the film that confirm that not only will this be Gintama's final film outing, but that it will be making its debut in Japan in January 2021.

After teasing that a new update would be on the way soon, Gintama officially revealed that it's new film project is titled Gintama: The Final Movie, and it's now scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on January 8th next year. Unfortunately like previous updates to the film, this newest one does not offer a ton to go on. The content of this final film is still being kept a mystery as it's currently unknown as of this writing whether or not this new film will be adapting the final moments of the manga that had yet to be make it to the anime officially. Either way, you can check out the bold new visual for the film below as shared by @WSJ_manga on Twitter:

As a lead into the new film, Gintama will be releasing a special episode through Japan's dTV streaming service that will tie into the events of the final film. The material seen in this new special episode have been kept a secret as well, but with this new January release date now set in stone (providing the COVID-19 pandemic does not spark up and impact production heavily once more in 2021) we will finally start to see more from this upcoming film as it gears up for its Winter launch!


Are you excited to see how Gintama brings its anime franchise to an end with this final film outing? What did you think of Gintama's official manga ending? What are you hoping to see in this final film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!