This Impressive 'Goblin Slayer' Cosplay Brings Sword Maiden to Life

Goblin Slayer may have gotten off to a controversial start as it became one of the most infamous [...]

Goblin Slayer may have gotten off to a controversial start as it became one of the most infamous anime releases of 2018, but the series has netted a ton of popularity over its short tenure so far.

Most of it is due to many of the character designs in the series, such as the eye-popping Sword Maiden, which was recently brought to life with an impressive cosplay.

Cosplay artist HaneAme (you can find her Patreon here) recreated Sword Maiden's character design in an impressive fashion (complete with her sword), and it's pretty hilarious how eye-popping this character's design is considering that the character can't quite see herself. Sword Maiden quickly gained attention due to her fan service heavy design, and has a history of being one of the strongest heroes in Goblin Slayer's world.

First appearing in the series as a character who called on Goblin Slayer and his party to slay some goblins hidden in the ruins underneath an unsuspecting city, it was soon revealed why Sword Maiden wanted to connect with Goblin Slayer specifically. As another example of the brutality of the goblins, Sword Maiden reached out to the only one who seemed to be unfazed after battling them for so long. Though the ending to his mission was not quite what she had hoped, they did not necessarily end their time together on bad terms.

Goblin Slayer was first created by Kumo Kagyu with illustrations provided by Noboru Kannatsuki back in 2016. The light novel series tells the story of Priestess as the naive girl goes adventuring with a party in their fantastical world. However, things go south when the group is ambushed by Goblins. With her party slaughtered, Priestess is saved by a hero known as Goblin Slayer whose goal in life is to eradicate the goblin race with extreme prejudice.

Produced by WHITE FOX, the anime is directed by Takaharu Ozaki (Girls' Last Tour). Hideyuki Kurata (Made in Abyss, Read or Die) will handle the series composition and is writing the scripts with Yousuke Koroda (My Hero Academia). Takashi Nagayoshi (Girls' Last Tour) is designing the series' characters, and Mili is composing the opening theme.