Godzilla Revisits One of Its Cutest Costumes Ever for Limited Time

Godzilla may be the King of the Monsters, but that does not mean the icon has to be scary. Over the decades, fans have come to know the beast for their atomic breath and towering stature. Some changes have been made within the franchise to make Godzilla cute on occasion, and it seems like one costume has arrived to turn the kaiju into a kawaii king.

Over on the official Godzilla store, a brand-new costume has appeared for sale. The rereleased item gives the Heisei-period Godzilla an adorable pajama makeover that is fashionable every day of the year. So if miss the thrill of Halloween and dressing up, this comfy costume will make your day.

You can check out the costume here at Godzilla's online web front. This oversized onesie buttons up from top to bottom, and it will turn you into the King of the Monsters. The brown piece comes with a hood that features parts of Godzilla's head. It even has teeth on the brim, but we have to admit the eyes on the hood are a bit creepy.

As for the costume itself, the oversized bodysuit has very short legs given its saggy look. This sort of onesies were originally popularized in Japan before coming to the West a few years back. Now, Godzilla is getting in on the trend, and we love it.

I mean, come on. This one-piece has dorsal fins on its back. How could you not love this attempt to make Godzilla the cutest monster of them all? Even Mothra would have to size up Godzilla as competition after seeing this cute piece!


Currently, the hot-ticket item is on sale for under $60 USD. It is only available for sale in Japan, but there are forwarding services available overseas which will send you the onesie for a price if you're desperate to rock this fleece piece.

What do you think of this official new look for Godzilla...? Does it suit the monster? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.