Godzilla Shows Off Gigantic New Figure

Godzilla might be taking longer than expected to return to the silver screen, with the next titanic epic in the kaiju saga coming next year with Godzilla Vs Kong, but that isn't stopping the current king of the monsters from getting new merchandise on the regular with this amazing new giant figure coming down the pipeline. With the Legendary Pictures version of the lizard king being the current go to for fans of the rampaging behemoth, this upcoming figure definitely does the kaiju devastator justice as it's gigantic frame is definitely one that will have Godzilla fans looking to add this to their collection!

Godzilla Vs Kong, as fans of Legendary Pictures' Monster-Verse know, was originally scheduled to be released into theaters in the past a number of times, but had to be delayed for various reasons, with the most recent being the coronavirus pandemic. With a lot of feature length films' futures in movie theaters being up in the air as a result of COVID-19, we are crossing our fingers that the next installment from Warner Bros will make its arrival next summer, May 2021, and finally give us the battle that we've been waiting for since the end credits of Kong: Skull Island!

Twitter Outlet KaijuNewsOutlet shared the upcoming "Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla" figure that will be released from X-Plus, though little details are known at the time, the recreation of the lizard king is definitely insanely accurate from what we saw in the last installment from Legendary Pictures:

When Godzilla "went red" in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Mothra had sacrificed itself following a devastating blow from King Ghidorah, giving the lizard king a huge power boost that allowed him to defeat his rival and take his rightful place as the kaiju king. Whether or not Mothra may return in the future is still up in the air, though we would imagine that Godzilla Vs. Kong is going to give us a lot of surprises when it eventually releases!

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