NBA Star Danny Green Shows Off His Godzilla Tattoos

The world of pop culture has found its way onto the courts of the National Basketball Association time and time again, with movies, television, comic books, and anime appearing on the skin of players across the sport, and NBA star Danny Green has recently shared his kaiju filled tattoos that he sports while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers! With Godzilla looking to return to the world of the silver screen next year by fighting against the larger than life primate in Kong, now is definitely one of the best times to show off your love of the Legendary Pictures' monsters!

Danny Green has been a part of the NBA for years now, being drafted in 2009, and adding his talents to teams such as Golden State, Phoenix, Sacramento, and the LA Clippers. It's clear that Green has a big affinity for the world of giant monsters that was originally spawned decades ago, showing off his leg tattoo that not only gives us an amazing look at the lizard king himself in Godzilla, but also the likes of Kong, King Ghidorah, and Rodan to name a few. With the next big blockbuster of the "Kaiju-verse" landing next year, we wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more tattoos land in the near future!

Legendary Pictures' Official Twitter Account shared this amazing giant monster tattoo that brings together some of the most recognizable kaiju in the world today, setting the stage for what the upcoming blockbuster might look like when Godzilla squares off against King Kong:

Though Godzilla Vs Kong has been pushed back time and time again, with the latest delay being a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are anticipating a big release onto the silver screen next summer that sees two of the most popular giant monsters locking horns. With a few hints being released about what the scope of the movie might be, it definitely seems like Godzilla and Kong won't be alone when it comes to their titanic tussle!

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