Godzilla Vs. Kong Makes Bank As Theaters Re-Open

Godzilla Vs. Kong landed on the streaming service of HBO Max earlier this week, while also storming into theaters in both North America and the world, with the latest installment of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse managing to pull in quite the profit as theaters re-open around the globe. With the latest kaiju crossover directed by Adam Wingard, the movie has managed to make numerous references to the past of these new iterations of Godzilla and Kong, while also delivering on a giant monster battle for the ages that might act as the curtain call for this Western take.

Godzilla Vs. Kong has already pulled in over $200 Million USD, as reported by Forbes, while also earning $11 Million USD on its opening night in North America, hinting at a total box office weekend take of around $45 Million USD in the West. Though a sequel to the movie, or additional entry into the MonsterVerse, has yet to be confirmed, director Adam Wingard has gone on record that they definitely have plans in mind for the world of Godzilla, Kong, and countless other kaiju if it should continue in the future of the silver screen thanks to Legendary Pictures.

Godzilla Kong
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

The latest film focuses on Kong being taken from his beloved Skull Island to lead humanity to the "Hollow Earth", which was originally thought to be a myth but turns out to be far more real than anyone expected. With Godzilla considering the giant primate a threat to his status as the king of the monsters and the Apex Titan, the battle has been joined as the two most popular giant monsters tangle for the first time in decades. Though these two monsters are the main attraction of the film, the movie definitely has a number of surprises in store for new fans and those who have been following the universe from the start.

Though the two giant monsters' future plans on the big screen are still up in the air, this year will see each get their own anime series on Netflix with Godzilla: Singular Point and Skull Island respectively. It's clear that regardless of the winner, Godzilla and Kong will be at the top of the heap when it comes to box office profits.

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Via Forbes