Godzilla vs. Kong Tops Pandemic Box Office Domestically with Nearly $70 Million

Godzilla vs. Kong has just proven why it is king at the box office right now. Despite the pandemic, the movie roared towards the biggest pandemic-era opening in the United States when it opened at the end of March. And now, new reports have confirmed Godzilla vs. Kong is leading the box office again with a total haul of $69.6 million USD domestically.

The reveal comes during the film's second week domestically, and Godzilla vs. Kong did backslide a bit in gross. The movie earned $13.38 million in its second weekend which is down 58% overall. But when it comes to pre-pandemic box office trends, this sort of depreciation is on par with what you'd expect.

godzilla vs kong box office
(Photo: Legendary)

As for the global box office haul, Godzilla vs. Kong went hard worldwide as expected. Currently, the movie is near a solid $360 million globally with the international box office standing at more than $288 million. The movie is expected to surpass Tenet's lifetime gross this week as the Christopher Nolan flick earned $365 million upon its 2020 run.

Like many predicted, the success of Godzilla vs. Kong is riding on China overseas. The nation has embraced the kaiju sequel wholeheartedly with a massive $165.4 million gross. Other regions like South Korea and Australia have embraced the MonsterVerse movie, but the United States still sits second in terms of gross. Now, the question remains how much Godzilla vs. Kong will make during its theatrical window, but things are looking good for the epic film so far!

Godzilla vs. Kong is currently available online through HBO Max or in select theaters.


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