Godzilla vs Kong Star Eiza Gonzales Calls the Film "Incredible"

The future of the film industry is in flux right now, and it is all thanks to the ongoing [...]

The future of the film industry is in flux right now, and it is all thanks to the ongoing pandemic. The novel coronavirus has caused global havoc as countries take never-before-seen measures to contain its spread. For Hollywood, that means theaters across the U.S. are closing indefinitely, but one actress isn't going to let the virus stop her from gushing over Godzilla vs Kong.

Recently, Eiza Gonzales got the chance to speak with The Hollywood Reporter about her recent stint in Bloodshot. It was there the Hollywood star gave fans an update about Godzilla vs Kong by calling the crossover incredible.

"My Godzilla schedule was very demanding; I'm in the whole film," the actress admitted. "Everything's been done. These movies take a long time because there's a lot of CGI in them. But, yeah, we've done everything, and they're just going through and creating these incredible characters. I'm just really excited to see it because it's these two worlds colliding."

Continuing, the actress went on to say she loves meeting fans of Godzilla and King Kong because the fanbases are passionate.

"The fan base for Godzilla vs. Kong is incredible. When I say I'm in the movie, people are like, "Oh my God." Seeing that fanaticism and seeing how excited they are to see this movie makes me really excited; I think they're going to be really happy. [Director] Adam Wingard is so talented. Both stories are going parallel, as you'll see, without giving anything away. It's a large cast as well, and it was really fun to be part of it. There's so much going on, but the heart of it is two young girls as well, which is such a positive message for society nowadays. It's just incredible," Gonzales shared.

Of course, fans are glad to hear Gonzales is a fan of the film, and they are curious to see how Godzilla vs Kong shapes up. Currently, the film is expected to go live on November 19 of this year, but the pandemic has fans worried it might be delayed once more. But if the fanbases rise up, it sounds like they can help keep Godzilla vs Kong ready in the wings.

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