Godzilla vs Kong Extended Clip Teases a Territory Dispute

Godzilla vs Kong is about a month out from its release, and fans are feeling good about the film's big debut. The epic blockbuster promises to bring two of the biggest monsters in film together for a truly epic brawl. After a series of delays, Godzilla vs Kong wants fans to relish its all-out action when it debuts in March, and a new clip has gone live to show fans what they can expect.

Recently, director Adam Wingard debuted an extended clip to fans, and Godzilla vs Kong did not disappoint. The footage can be found below, and it showcases some extra footage from Kong's battle with Godzilla on the high seas.

The clip starts off hot as a group of jets scrambles to shoot Godzilla as the beast makes a beeline for Kong. The pilots aren't able to deter the undersea monster, and Godzilla even manages to take out two warships with a flick of his tail. As Godzilla continues his trek to Kong, the giant ape is seen tugging on the chains securing him to his own boat. A loud roar echoes from the ape before a cry from Godzilla responds, so this clip shows how the pair comes to blows.

As you can imagine, Kong is going to have some problems fighting with Godzilla in the water. The ape can most definitely swim, but the territory belongs to Godzilla. This fight will be a must-watch, and Kong will get his comeuppance before long. After all, the pair have been shown in previous trailers fighting amongst a city, and we all know how Kong fairs with skyscrapers...! So you can look forward to seeing this showdown firsthand when Godzilla vs Kong hits theaters and HBO Max on March 31!

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