Godzilla vs Kong: New Stills Show Kong Scaling a Skyscraper and More

Godzilla vs Kong plans to kick off the 2021 movie schedule right after a year of anticipation. The big movie plans to go live later this month with two of the greatest monsters ever on board. As you can imagine, all eyes are on Godzilla vs Kong ahead of its premiere, and several new stills have been shared from the project that highlights Kong in battle.

And yes, it seems the ape will get his own parkour moment. Kong still has a thing for skyscrapers even after all these years, and he will make that known when he scales a building for fans this month.

Thanks to Total Film, a slew of new stills have surfaced from Godzilla vs Kong, and they can be seen above. The colorful images showcase the two kaiju beefing with one another on land, and Kong wastes no time in taking the high ground. In the first still shared today, the ape can be seen atop a neon-lit skyscraper as he holds onto a crane for support while watching Godzilla below.

Of course, the amphibious kaiju is not bothered by the height difference. Godzilla is seen on the street with his lips pulled into a snarl, and his glowing dorsal fins prove he's ready to shoot off some atomic breath as soon as possible.


As for the other Godzilla vs Kong stills released, Total Film got a few extra shots to share. In one of the images, fans can see Kong and Godzilla fighting hand-to-hand as the ape holds his foe by the neck. The final still shared switches focus to the film's human heroes. Stars like Millie Bobby Brown can be seen standing before an opening lined with sharp teeth, so fans are willing to bet the group just stumbled upon Mechagodzilla here...!

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