Godzilla vs. Kong Closes In on $360 Million at Global Box Office

Godzilla vs. Kong is continuing its run in theaters, and the movie is making bank with each step it takes. Despite the film's simultaneous offering on HBO Max, it seems audiences are going to theaters to watch the MonsterVerse sequel whenever possible. And now, the film's global box office is hitting high with its new number.

According to the latest reports from Exhibition Relations, it seems Godzilla vs Kong is going the distance. The movie has officially grossed $357 million USD at the global box office. Looking at the domestic picture, Godzilla vs Kong has earned about $70 million USD in two weekends, and the global haul makes up for the difference.

After all, the global market accrued $24 million in the past weekend to push the global haul to $288 million. As you can imagine, this is a solid success for Godzilla vs. Kong, and the movie has already moved to stand atop the pandemic-era box office. Its current gross has outdone that of Tenet's lifetime gross in a matter of days. And when it comes to HBO Max, Godzilla vs. Kong is still pushing ahead.

New reports have stressed how big the monster movie has been on HBO Max following its debut. When it comes to records, recent data suggests Godzilla vs Kong was watched more than any other original in its opening weekend, and that is not all. The MonsterVerse flick made HBO Max one of the most-downloaded apps in the current quarter, and it drew the second-most subscribers of any movie aside from Wonder Woman 1984 last Christmas.


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