Godzilla vs. Kong Unleashes Kong Bust And Real Life Ax

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, bringing in hundreds of millions [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits in theaters and allowing HBO Max to see an influx of new subscribers, and two new pieces of merchandise from Prime 1 Studios recreates the look, and weapon, for the ruler of Skull Island. In the latest entry of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, Kong learned more about his ancestors while traveling to the landscape of the "Hollow Earth", finding an ax that was able to even the playing field in his battle against the current king of the monsters.

Director Adam Wingard has gone on the record that Kong was the "hero" of the film, acting more as a protagonist than a giant beast that didn't make connections with humanity. When Kong is taken from Skull Island to lead mankind to the Hollow Earth, Godzilla senses his presence and attempts to take him down a peg to prove his superiority and retain the title of "King of the Monsters". While their one-on-one fight does give kaiju fans a definitive victor, the two giant monsters eventually find themselves teaming up in order to battle against a far greater threat in the newest incarnation of Mechagodzilla.

Kaiju News Outlet shared the first look at the Kong Bust and real-life ax that the Skull Island denizen discovers in Godzilla vs. Kong, which will be made available for giant monster fans to add to their collection for a heavy cost in $3500 USD and $900 USD respectively:

Kong's ax has a very familiar look to it, with the blade appearing to be a scale from the back of Godzilla or perhaps one of his ancestors that were at war with the giant primate's kin. While a future Godzilla and/or Kong movie hasn't been confirmed, rumors are beginning to swirl that director Adam Wingard is returning to the MonsterVerse with a feature-length film that might be under the working title of "Son of Kong".

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