Godzilla vs Kong Drops New Look at Mechagodzilla in Latest Clip

Godzilla vs Kong is a week out from release now, and fans are eager to see what the big movie has [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is a week out from release now, and fans are eager to see what the big movie has in store for its monsters. After all, the epic blockbuster promises to bring Godzilla and Kong into a head-on fight for dominance in a world filled with titans. Of course, the pair will have plenty to fight once they show up on screen this month, and a new trailer showcases even more of Mechagodzilla.

In what might be the film's worst kept secret, Mechagodzilla is slated to show up in Godzilla vs Kong. The trailers have hinted at the titan's appearance since day one, and evidence has only mounted since January. This week, director Adam Wingard confirmed the beast shows up on social media, and China's new trailer shows more of the manmade monster.

As you can see above, the Godzilla vs Kong trailer ends with a teaser that's entirely focused on Mechagodzilla. The hulking mech is shown rising from the ground in some sort of underground test facility, and its dorsal fins look gnarly. The behemoth is zoomed in on before long, and it is there Mechagodzilla shows off its ominous red eyes.

Clearly, this design is a totally new one for Mechagodzilla, and it does align with Godzilla. The two titans will be forced to fight in this big blockbuster, and you can be sure Kong will get in on the action. After all, the giant ape is going to need to warm up before his fight with the King of the Monsters, so Mechagodzilla should get his blood pumping!

You can catch Godzilla vs Kong in the United States starting March 31. The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and through HBO Max for subscribers.

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