Mobile Suit Gundam Cosplay Revisits The Classic Mech

Mobile Suit: Gundam has long been one of the most popular mech franchises within the medium of anime, and throughout the years alongside the waves of Gundam plastic models and merchandise, fans have worn their love of the series on their sleeves thanks in part to the ability to Cosplay and one fan has perfectly recreated the original mech that kicked things off. Premiering in 1979, the Mobile Suit: Gundam anime series kicked things off with a universe that was united by the appearance of these unique mech suits and continues to grow in popularity to this day.

The coronavirus has been difficult for the original plans for Mobile Suit: Gundam for 2020, with the franchise originally set to be a big part of the Tokyo Summer Olympics with its "G Satellite". Being launched into outer space, the satellite houses two Gundam Plastic Models, or Gunplas, and would have conveyed messages to the Earth from the cosmos. Also, the franchise was set to release a new feature length film in Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash, which has also been postponed as a result of COVID-19. Though these projects have been delayed, it's clear that fans' enthusiasm for the series has continued to rise.

Instagram Cosplayer OdinMakes shared the amazing process of creating a real life costume of the popular anime mech suit in Mobile Suit: Gundam, recreating the original mech that made the franchise a hit for decades to come following its anime's premiere:

Gundam's strength wasn't just in its original series, but in its ability to translate the mechs that have made it a worldwide name into new stories that take place in different universes and timelines, creating a number of tales that otherwise wouldn't be told if it all took place in one continuity.

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