Gundam Debuts Customizable Face Masks

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of anime franchises to have to delay, or in some cases outright cancel, a number of projects with Mobile Suit Gundam have had to follow suit such as the G Satellite and the film Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash but the franchise marches forward and has created some amazing customizable masks to help fight COVID-19! Taking the aesthetic of the Principality of Zeon and the rogue pilot of Char, Gundam has created a number of masks that will help show off your love of the mech anime franchise while also "flattening the curve".

Char was the first "villain" of the franchise of Mobile Suit Gundam, attempting to win the galactic war that pits both him and his cause against the Earth Federation. Though his first appearance came in 1979, he recently had made an appearance in the anime series of Gundam Origin. In this latest of Gundam anime series, we get to see a first hand take on the origin of Char and how he became one of the most feared mech pilots in the galaxy. With the film of Hathaway's Flash revisiting the original universe created in the initial Gundam series, we might not see Char return but his spirit definitely lives on!

Premium Bandai is currently selling these customizable Gundam masks that brings us back to the earlier days of the franchise that has easily become the most popular anime mech series that the world has ever seen, allowing fans to join the side of the Principality of Zeon and the ace pilot of Char:

Gundam Masks
(Photo: Premium Bandai)

Mobile Suit: Gundam is looking to hit Japan big time later this year with the arrival of the Walking Gundam, a life sized recreation of the first mech suit of the franchise that will be able to step across the land under its own power. While this isn't exactly like being able to pilot a mech suit of your very own, it's amazing to see how technology has progressed over the years and how anime can be brought to life in brand new ways!

The masks themselves are currently available for purchase on Premium Bandai, retailing for around $16 USD!


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