Gundam Halloween Party Is Coming To Japan

Halloween may be running into a couple of hiccups this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but that isn't stopping the franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam from having some All Hallow's Eve shindigs via their cafes in Japan. Much like Halloween, a number of monkey wrenches have been through in events set for the anime franchise, with a Gundam Satellite originally being a big part of the 2020 Summer Olympics and the next big feature length film of the franchise being delayed in the form of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash!

Japan has been popular for its large number of cafes that have modeled themselves after the biggest anime franchises, with not just Mobile Suit Gundam being in the mix for these establishments. Dragon Ball Z, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, Haikyu, and countless other anime series have physical locations of their own that have aesthetics that allow fans of said series to purchase food items and beverages modeled after each series, along with specific merchandise.

(Photo: Gundam Cafe)

The Halloween festivities, which will be using Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed as their basis, will begin on October 12th and last until the day of All Hallows Eve, giving fans of Gundam the opportunity to eat Halloween themed food and buy exclusive merchandise!

The official description for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, for those who might not be familiar, reads as such:

"In the year Cosmic Era 0071, the space colony Heliopolis remains neutral in the great war raging across the galaxy between Coordinators, human beings whose biological traits have been altered before birth, and Naturals, unaltered people who remain on the planet Earth. The Naturals' deep hatred of the Coordinators drove the advanced beings into space, seeking shelter in man-made colonies.

Kira Yamato is a Coordinator and university student on Heliopolis, when his life is thrown into disarray as ZAFT, the military organization composed of rebellious Coordinators, attacks the colony in an effort to steal a set of five state-of-the-art military mobile suits known as Gundams. While ZAFT manages to make off with four of the mobile suits, Kira take control of the final Gundam, the Strike. Surviving the battle, Kira and his college friends join the crew of the Archangel, a ship run by the Earth Alliance, and the young soldiers experience the horrors of war and the loss that comes with it."


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Via Gundam.Info