Japan's Biggest Gundam Statue Yet Is Preparing to Take Its First Steps

This year has been a rough one the world over, so you can understand why people are on the lookout for any bad news to come. At this point, netizens admit they would not be surprised if an intergalactic war came knocking at our door. Guesses like these are wildly unlikely, but it seems like Japan is on track to combat such events. After all, the country's largest Gundam robot is moving better than ever, so it is only a matter of time until a mech suit is put together for real.

Over on Twitter, a slew of Japanese users posted videos of a recent Gundam test. For those who do not know, the franchise opened a new Gundam store outside of Tokyo. The sprawling store features all sorts of Gundam apparel and toys for fans of all ages. The locale even has a massive outdoors area where fans can gather for a stroll, and they are all overseen over by a Gundam there.

A group of engineers and Gundam representatives met at the dock recently to see how their brainchild has been. When this new store was announced, Gundam ordered a massive new figure to be built at the site, and this one is meant to walk ever so slowly. And while the robot's first steps are a way away, all of its practice tests are working smoothly.

You can check out the scene above thanks to the tweets from fans. In one of the clips, the robot is seen moving its arms, hands, and fingers with relative ease. The body moves as one as the suit's torso, head, and neck all flex as the mech moves. The other video shows the suit kneeling down on one knee, and the move goes as planned. As these tests get more complicated, it is only a matter of time until the suit takes its first step, and Gundam fans will be thrilled to see that groundbreaking step come to fruition.

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