Viral Video Reunites One Dad with His Forgotten Gunpla Obsession

Gundam plastic models have become a hot ticket item during the coronavirus pandemic, with many fans of the anime franchise looking to pass the time by putting together some of their favorite mech suits in the comfort of their own home, and one father has rediscovered their passion for the Gunplas in a video that has gone viral. Selling over 500 million models over the course of its history that spans over four decades, it's clear that the popular anime mech franchise isn't slowing down any time soon when it comes to producing these popular figures!

The video in question shows a father who seemingly had to move to a new country, unable to take his original Gundam plastic model with him as they weren't considered "essential items". The dad's son however noticed how hard his father had been working and decided to surprise him with a brand new plastic model that he could construct to pass the time. With the anime franchise spanning multiple series and even stories that take place outside of the medium of anime, there has been numerous mechs that have been used to create these Gunpla models that have become so popular over the years.

Twitter User DameHasClass shared this heart warming video that features the surprise gift being handed from son to father, showing that regardless of age, Gundam fans will always hold a place in their hearts for the construction of these mechs via the popular Gunplas:

While 2020 has seen Mobile Suit Gundam take a number of hits with some big projects for the series having to be delayed, this fall will witness the arrival of a life sized statue that will have the ability to walk in the appropriately named "Walking Gundam". Taking its first steps this fall, the "Walking Gundam" has kept to its schedule despite the coronavirus pandemic and will be sure to set itself apart from the Gundam statues that already stand in Japan. We're crossing our fingers that one day North America will see a Gundam statue being erected here to honor what is easily the most popular anime mech series.

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