Gundam Wing Roars Back To Life With Upcoming Project

Of the many alternate stories that have been presented within the franchise of Gundam, one of the most popular is easily the series of Gundam Wing, and to celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary, some of the creators behind the series' soundtrack are looking to dive back into the world of Heero and his fellow cut throat pilots. Gundam Wing was made especially big thanks in part to its inclusion on the Cartoon Network programming block of Toonami, also being one of the first anime series on the network to be played uncut at midnights!

To celebrate this big occasion for the series, the creators of the original theme song for the series, Two-Mix, have announced that they will be releasing an album that collects all of their "OPs" from the anime series proper as well as other scores from not just the anime, but their overall library. With Mobile Suit: Gundam Wing still remaining one of the most widely known series in the franchise, we would imagine this will be turning a lot of heads when it comes to fans of the anime.

Two-Mix announced the special collaboration in honor of the twenty fifth anniversary of Gundam Wing, putting together a big compilation of music from the Mobile Suit franchise that helped bring attention to the mech series to North American fans:

Gundam Wing hasn't received an official anime sequel since it debuted decades ago, but it did receive a sequel in the form of a series of light novels that went by the name of Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop. In the sequel, we join some of the protagonists of the original series decades later, painting us a very different picture than the story that was originally told!


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Via Crunchyroll