Haikyuu Reminds Fans the Ending is Coming Soon

Haikyuu has been in the midst of its final arc, but the latest chapter ended with a heartbreaking [...]

Haikyuu has been in the midst of its final arc, but the latest chapter ended with a heartbreaking reminder that the end of the series truly is coming soon. Series creator Haruichi Furudate began the final arc of the series last October, and it surprised fans with a time skip jumping forward several years into the future. This has all culminated in a major rematch between Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama as their respective professional teams are now taking each other one in a fierce five set match. But while it has been fun, the melancholy of the end has begun to truly set in.

Chapter 396 of the series ends a pretty impressive set between the Jackals and the Adlers, and the Jackals (Shoyo's team) are now up two to one. But as Atsumu Miya prepares to kick off the next set with a serve, his inner monologue has a few lines that will definitely strike chords with fans hoping that the final arc would be a long one.

As Miya begins thinking about what he loves about the game, he thinks the following, "Cheers or jeers. Gimme one or the other. Cuz that's what I want to be surrounded by. Is there only one set left? or will there be two more? Whichever the case...it won't be long before this party ends." While this is just Miya talking about this particular fun game, it also holds a heartbreaking double meaning.

Haikyuu's big time skip has been reuniting fans with their favorite characters over the final arc, and not only were there some major surprises within these reunions, but it also proved that the series could have a full life in the professional years. So you would be forgiven if this match made you forget this was the final arc simply because of how fun it has been. But like that final line suggests, it's still coming to an end soon.

Did you forget Haikyuu was getting ready for the end? Did that last line hit you like a ton of bricks too? Who do you think will win the final game? How will it all come to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!