Haikyuu Finally Solves a Big Soundtrack Mystery with Season 3

A few months ago, fans of Haikyuu were thrown into a tizzy when a special tease was shared about season three. The anime's composer had everyone speculating over a never-before-heard track of the OST. Of course, this kind of Haikyuu news is big given how important the show's soundtrack is to the matches played out on screen. And thanks to the midseason debut of Haikyuu, fans know what the mysterious track was all about.

If you need a bit more context on the story, the ordeal dates back to mid-August. Asami Tachibana, the composer for Haikyuu, stirred up debate when they posted a snippet from the recording booth. The composer shared a small of funky music that no one had heard before. Of course, fans began to speculate where the song might fit in season three, and some were right with their guesses.

As it turns out, this song ended up being Atsumu's theme. The track played towards the very end of the Haikyuu season three premiere as Atsumu and his brother prepared a play. The comeback kept track of the brothers as they copied the quick move that Hinata and Kageyama made famous. The successful bid left fans shocked given how hard the move is, but when it comes to the Miya twins, nothing is impossible.

The track that Tachibana teased months ago was for this exact Miya twins moment. The track suited the stunning moment, and Haikyuu fans agree no song could have ushered in the move better. Sure, the Miya move might have hit Karasuno where it hurt, but Atsumu is in another league when it comes to volleyball. So if this was ever going to happen, well - we are glad the Miya twins did it to this refreshing track.


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