New 'Hello Kitty' Anime Announced For 2021

Hello Kitty is one of the most famous characters to ever come from Japan, and the mascot is ready [...]

Hello Kitty is one of the most famous characters to ever come from Japan, and the mascot is ready for her next close up. After all, a brand-new animated series was just announced for Hello Kitty, and it will have lots of episodes to share.

According to a new report, Hello Kitty will get a new animated series by French studio Monello Productions. Sanrio, the creator behind Hello Kitty, will team up with the production company to usher in a new phase for the franchise (via ANN).

The new series will be titled The World of Hello Kitty. Set to debut in early 2021, the animated series has ordered 52 episodes already with each clocking in at around 11 minutes.

A description has been shared for The World of Hello Kitty. You can read up on it below:

"The World of Hello Kitty will feature the famous titular character along with her friends from the Sanrio universe as they try to live in harmony in their not-so-quiet neighbourhood. Kitty's friends are all very different and they each have their little quirks, so their tight-knit community is often put to the test. But at the end of the day, Kitty always brings them back together, because she accepts her friends for who they are."

As the report details, Kids First will oversee global financing and distribution outside of Asia. Within Asia, ABC International will do distribution.

Of course, this upcoming series is far from the first to star Hello Kitty. The franchise has rolled out plenty of television titles. The first dates back to 1987 with Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater. In January 1999, Hello Kitty's Paradise went live on TXN and become the network's longest-running weekly kids program as it aired for twelve seasons. Now, The World of Hello Kitty plans to take the mascot a step further, but that doesn't mean she is bored these days. Recently, Sanrio launched a Youtube channel for Hello Kitty that sees the CGI mascot host vlogs and update fans on her life.

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