Honkai: Star Rail Releases New "Ichor of Two Dragons" Anime

Honkai: Star Rail just released a new anime short "Ichor of Two Dragons" to mark a major storyline involving Dan Heng.

It seems Hoyoverse has done it again. In the past few years, the game developer has risen the ranks to become one of the biggest in the MMORPG space with hits like Genshin Impact. The anime-centric brand struck gold again with the release of Honkai: Star Rail as the sci-fi title has become a global hit. With a big update on the horizon, Honkai: Star Rail felt it was time to drop a special gift on fans, and the fandom is geeking out over the gorgeous anime short.

As you can see above, Honkai: Star Rail released a new anime today, and the short focuses on Dan Heng. The special, which is titled "Ichor of Two Dragons", gives fans a look at the game's latest arc. We see Dan Heng thinking back on his previous life as the Vidyadhara reincarnate taps into Dan Feng's memories. The war between the two men and their past has consumed much of Honkai: Star Rail's main storyline as of late, and this anime kicks it up a notch.

After all, the 5-minute clip was made on behalf of MiHoYo Anime with assistance from Fantasied Animation and Red Dog Culture House. The clip follows Dan Heng as he confronts the Imbibitor Lunae in his inner realm. Dan Feng wants his incarnation to accept punishment for the sins of his life, but Dan Heng holds true to the life he's forged as a Trailblazer. The two go on to clash in an epic fight, and it goes without saying the anime features some crisp artwork.

As expected, Hoyoverse pulled all the stops for this anime tribute, and it proves what the brand can do with an anime. Honkai: Star Rail has a strong narrative line, and it would make for an excellent show. The same goes for Hoyoverse's other hits, and that is a good thing considering Genshin Impact has an anime in the works. MiHoYo is teaming up with ufotable to bring the much-wanted show to life. And thanks to this lovely short, anime fans are hoping an Honkai: Star Rail anime comes to fruition someday.

If you are not familiar with Honkai: Star Rail, the online game is available for free on iOS, Android, and PC. A technical test for the game's PS5 port is in the works, so it won't be long before Honkai: Star Rail hits console. 

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