Hunter x Hunter Star Posts Throwback of Their Middle School Killua Cosplay

Hunter x Hunter is in the headlines these days thanks to its manga comeback, and all eyes are on creator Yoshihiro Togashi in the aftermath. After all, the creator is working to bring the series back to print, and fans of Hunter x Hunter are celebrating however possible. And now, it seems the voice of Killua is joining in by showing fans an old-school cosplay of theirs.

The post comes courtesy of Mariya Ise, the Japanese actress who voices Killua Zoldyck in the anime. Over the years, the star has become one of Hunter x Hunter's biggest supporters through thick and thin. So when Tanabata came around in Japan this month, Ise celebrated by showing her love for Killua way before she never scored the gig.

As you can see above, Ise did a whole cosplay of Killua when she was just 12 years old while a friend brought Gon to life. The actress wrote on Twitter that she wanted nothing more than to be Killua as the character was her first love. To this day, Killua commands Ise's admiration for all they have gone through. So of course, you can see why the voice actor considers their Hunter x Hunter gig a dream role.

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Ise's love of the series is no secret, and the actress is just one of millions eager to see Hunter x Hunter returns. The manga went on hiatus back in 2018 and has continued on with its longest break to date. During that time, Togashi has been busy addressing some chronic health issues, and they have recovered enough to resume drawing. And thanks to his own Twitter profile, fans can keep up with the creator's work in real time!

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