Hunter x Hunter Launches New Jewelry Line

With the hiatus continuing for the story of Gon and his hunter friends in the franchise of Hunter x Hunter, fans are always looking for new ways to revisit the series and/or dive back into the world via new fan art or official merchandise from the popular franchise. Now, Crunchyroll has given us the first details about some upcoming jewelry that decides to highlight some of the biggest and brightest protagonists that were introduced to us during the initial Hunter exams, from Gon to Killua to Leorio to Kurapika. With the main heroes represented, we're sure that Hunter x Hunter fans will find some jewelry for them here.

The introduction of the series gave us a cavalcade of heroes and villains that managed to set themselves apart from the other Shonen franchises on the anime market. While Gon and his friends had a similar set of circumstances that had them training and fighting in order to become stronger, each had their own unique dreams and circumstances that led them to attempt to become hunters. Even with the hiatus still in tact, it's a testament to the strength of the series that fans are still waiting for anticipation for the characters of Hunter x Hunter to make their return!

Crunchyroll showed off the brand new Hunter x Hunter jewelry line that will be released in March of this year, selling for $90 USD each and giving fans the option of wearing ornaments of their favorite heroes on their sleeves or around their necks to show off their love of the franchise!

(Photo: Eternoresi)

Though we still have no new reports on when/if Hunter x Hunter will make a comeback, it's great to see that it's still popular enough among fans to stay in the publice eye.

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Hunter x Hunter was originally created by Yoshihiro Togashi for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998. The story follows a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his previously thought to be dead father is in fact alive. Not only is he alive, he is a famous Hunter, a professional traveler who specializes in finding rare treasures, exploring unidentified lands, and hunting down dangerous individuals. Gon then decides that in order to meet his father he has to become a licensed Hunter, but in that journey gets wrapped up in way more strangeness than he ever could have anticipated.

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