Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Gives A New Fem Spin To Chrollo

The hiatuses of Hunter x Hunter have become legendary at this point, with fans of Gon and his hunter friends waiting for the story to continue in both the manga and the anime, and one cosplayer has managed to capture the aesthetic for the villainous leader of the Phantom Troupe in Chrollo. The Phantom Troupe are easily the biggest threat within the universe of Hunter x Hunter, having murdered Kurapika's clan and harboring the likes of Hisoka within their ranks, to say nothing of the other Nen users that aren't afraid to unleash their killer intent.

Chrollo first appeared as the leader of the Phantom Troupe, almost seen as a target for his collective with many of them itching to fight against him in a one on one fight. The Phantom Troupe first hit the scene during the Greed Island arc in full force, showing off their overall strength by taking on the mobs of the world and defeating their bodyguards easily. While Kurapika has yet to enact revenge against all the members of the anime villain collective, it certainly hasn't been for lack of trying.

Instagram Cosplayer CheHeaven shared this impressive take on the leader of the Phantom Troupe, bringing a whole new style to Chrollo Lucifer as fans await for his return within the franchise of Hunter x Hunter:

The creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshahiro Togashi, has not let fans know when to expect the next chapter of the franchise, with it having been years since we saw the latest installment of the popular Shonen series. We're crossing our fingers that we get news regarding the return of Gon sooner rather than later!

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