Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Bares Neferpitou's Claws

One of the strongest villains of the Chimera Ant Arc is brought back from the grave thanks to Hunter x Hunter Cosplay.

Hunter x Hunter remains one of the biggest shonen series, as creator Yoshihiro Togashi continues to work hard on the story of Gon and his fellow warriors. Among the many arcs that have taken the anime world by storm, the Chimera Ant Arc is one of the biggest that still hits hard among fans of the beloved series. While the King of the Chimera Ants was a force unlike any the world had seen, his lieutenants were nothing to sneeze at. Neferpitou was one of the most terrifying antagonists that Gon and Killua had ever faced and one cosplayer has brought the female villain back to the forefront.

When Gon and Killua found themselves presented with the threat that was the Chimera Ants, they were given some major aid thanks to the experienced hunter known as Kite. While the pair of young hunters were able to learn much from Kite in a relatively short amount of time, the relationship came to an end when Neferpitou hit the scene. Working to do nothing but protect the King, the feline femme fatale removes Kite's head from his shoulders and then reassembles him to become a tool for the Ants. Of course, thanks to this move, Gon was on a crash course to take down Neferpitou. 

Hunter x Hunter's Major Villain Returns From The Grave

Gon was able to use a technique that allowed his body to transform into that of an adult, using all of the power that would be available in his past, present, and future. Unfortunately, while this allowed him to defeat Neferpitou, it also meant that Gon had lost the ability to use Nen. With the Succession Contest Arc not focusing on Gon or Killua, it might be some time before we see the pair return and the likeliness of Neferpitou making a comeback is even more unlikely.

While the manga is continuing thanks to Yoshihiro Togashi, a new anime adaptation, or Madhouse bringing back the last anime series, has yet to be confirmed. Ultimately, shonen fans will be interested to see how Hunter x Hunter returns to the screen and whether the manga chapters that have yet to be animated will be given their chance in the spotlight.

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