Hunter x Hunter Creator Drops Surprise Manga Announcement

It goes without saying that Hunter x Hunter has been busy these days. The story is still on hiatus, but its creator Yoshihiro Togashi is keeping the franchise alive behind the scene. It wasn't that long ago the artist resumed work on the manga, and he's already done some impressive work with his team. And over on Twitter, Togashi surprised fans when he announced he's got even more work left to do!

The update comes from Togashi himself as the artist posted a note to fans on Twitter. It was there the creator shared another blank draft page, and he told fans work has begun on another ten chapters.

"I've completed 10 chapters of character art. There may be some corrections needed! I will continue to work on the next 10 chapters," Togashi wrote. "I will keep you all posted on the progress of these next 10 chapters."

As you can see, Hunter x Hunter is most definitely on a roll, and Togashi is not stopping at just 10 chapters banked. It turns out the artist is moving ahead with even more releases. Another 10 chapters are now on Togashi's to-do list, and after expanding his staff, fans are hoping the artist is able to work on Hunter x Hunter comfortably this time around.

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For those who don't know, the artist has suffered a few setbacks since Hunter x Hunter made its return. Togashi suffers from chronic pain in his back, and this injury is what prompted the artist to take the manga's latest (and longest) hiatus. In a recent interview, Togashi admitted his back was so bad that sitting and using the restroom was almost impossible at points. Still, he is committed to Gon's journey, and Togashi is proving as much with his newest slate of chapters. And as always, fans are ready to cheer the artist on as Hunter x Hunter nears the official end of its hiatus.

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