Is It Possible To Make A Good Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie?

With a large amount of live-action adaptations soon coming out, as well as the great deal that has already been released, some fans have been wondering why Dragon Ball hasn't had another live-action film.

The last time someone attempted a live-action version of Dragon Ball, it ended in heartbreak. Dragonball Evolution was rated horribly by fans and critics, with the 2009 film scoring a low 2.6/10 on IMDB. Since then, fans have never wanted to see another Dragon Ball live-action attempt, however; with the recent success of Dragon Ball Super, some fans have wondered if a studio should give it another go.

Dragonball Evolution made a lot of mistakes, they left Krillin out of the film, Piccolo looked average at best and they changed the story too much. In addition, the film was set before the Dragon Ball Z time period. If a new production company was to attempt another Dragon Ball live-action film, it would have to be set during the Saiyan saga according to fans.

Dragon Ball fans as of late, have started sharing their thoughts on Reddit about this topic, with most of them wanting another movie. Many other major animated series' are getting live-action films soon, including Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece and Naruto all in production. As a result, many Dragon Ball fans want to see a new live-action film that makes up for the 2009 failure.


However, in order to make a successful Dragon Ball live-action adaptation, fans believe that the film must be set during the Dragon Ball Z time period. In addition, fans don't want to see large chunks of the film explaining Ki or on the origins. "A Dragon Ball movie should literally just dive straight into a fight scene to set up the story and just let the audience deal with it. Don't explain the chi, or twenty minutes on what a Dragon Ball is, just start with something badass and fun," said one player on Reddit.


No Dragon Ball live-action film has been announced and it is unlikely that anything new will be announced anytime soon. However, with the success of Dragon Ball Super, it is possible that someone, somewhere, may choose to have a shot at making a better live-action Dragon Ball film. If that does happen, I suggest producer listen to the thoughts of the fans, otherwise it will be another failure.