Pokemon: Japanese Ambassador Gives President-Elect Of Chile A Squirtle

The world of Pokemon has only continued to expand over the years, with new generations being introduced in the Nintendo video games over the decades and the anime series continuing to see new challenges thrown at Ash Ketchum. Now, one of the biggest pocket monsters, Squirtle, has found himself in a very unique position wherein the real Japanese ambassador to Chile has presented the current President Elect with a water-type Pokemon of his own, along with some other trademarks of the beloved anime franchise.   

2022 has been a big year for Pokemon so far, not just with the continuation of Ash and Goh on their journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world via Pokemon Journeys, but with the video game franchise recently announcing that two new entries were set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch in Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet. Introducing a new generation of pocket monsters, the upcoming games will apparently take a page from the recent entry in the game franchise, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which utilized a new gameplay mode that shook up the previous style that had been used throughout the decades via Pokemon's numerous Nintendo games.

President-Elect of Chile, Boric Font, shared the key moment in which the Japanese Ambassador gave the future President a plush version of Squirtle, one of the first three starter Pokemon that helped kick off the franchise in the world of video games via the Gameboy games:

One of the first Pokemon that Ash Ketchum caught on his journey, following Pikachu joining his journey in the early days of the anime, was a Squirtle that was a part of the appropriately named "Squirtle Squad". With these water-type Pokemon originally abandoned by their trainers, they formed a cadre of other Squirtles that all wore eyewear while causing havoc in nearby locales. The Squad did manage to recently make a comeback in Pokemon Sun And Moon, though Ketchum does not have his original Squirtle on his current roster of active Pokemon.

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