JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Brings Back Iggy In New Spin-Off

Stand Users might primarily be human in the story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but Hirohiko Araki's series hasn't been shy about introducing animals that have the ability to summon the ethereal beings, with perhaps the most popular being the Stardust Crusader known as Iggy. Though the coffee gum loving pooch ultimately didn't survive his battle against one of Dio Brando's minions, he will be making a comeback this year via a new spin-off story that brings the wielder of The Fool back into the spotlight.   

Iggy might have the mind of a pup, but his Stand, the Fool, had plenty of surprises in store for his opponents, with the sand-based creation having the ability to take on nearly any shape that the tiny pooch wanted. First being presented as an antagonist to Jotaro and his friends on their journey to defeat the nefarious vampire Dio, he eventually became their ally after a brief confrontation, having originally been found by Avdol in an alleyway. As stated earlier, this upcoming story will be bittersweet as Iggy lost his life battling against the Stand User Vanilla Ice, alongside Avdol, with Polnareff being the last man standing in this Stand battle.

The upcoming short story is set to be released this March in JoJo Magazine, written by author Otsuichi, which will document the first confrontation between Iggy and Avdol in New York City, an event that had previously taken place between the panels of the manga series.

Ironically enough, Iggy's status might have changed as a result of the video game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, which introduced evil, alternate versions of the tiny dog and other fallen Stardust Crusaders, including Avdol and Kakyoin. In the final moments of the game, it hinted at the fact that these allie to Jotaro Kujo might have actually been brought back to life thanks to the battle that brought together all the different generations of Joestar to fight a resurrected Dio Brando, who was sporting a serious power boost. Readers will have to see if this story is mentioned in the upcoming spin-off.

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Via JoJo_Wiki