JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Brings The Golden Wind To Minecraft

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has become one of the most popular anime franchises within the medium, [...]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has become one of the most popular anime franchises within the medium, following the Joestar bloodline across the generations in adventures that involve Stands and insane battles, and the popularity of the series has reached a new medium in the world of Minecraft as one fan has re-created an album cover from the fifth season of the Golden Wind! Minecraft is a video game world that allows players to build entire worlds that they would like to see brought to life, and it's no surprise to see this anime world of the Joestars brought into the popular game!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind was the latest season of the anime in the long running franchise from creator Hirohiko Araki, following the adventures of the son of Dio Brando, Giorno Giovanna, who attempts to take over the mafia known as Passione in order to create a far more altruistic organization than the one that was run by the villainous Diavolo. Joining alongside Bruno Bucciarati and a number of other Stand Users, the next protagonist of the Joestars uses his Stand of the Golden Wind, which had the ability to transform inanimate objects into living, breathing organisms. Luckily, Giorno was able to achieve his goal, though we're still waiting to see if the anime will return!

Reddit User TheMortal19 shared this impressive Minecraft creation that re-creates the visage of Giorno Giovanna, showing off the bust of the protagonist of the Golden Wind who helped to change the country of Italy by taking over the Passione mafia and make it a force for good:

[Fanart] Me and my friends spent 12 hrs making this in Minecraft, and vol. 2 is next from r/StardustCrusaders

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans were disappointed earlier this summer when there were no confirmations of either a new season of the anime, that would presumably follow the sixth story line of the franchise in Stone Ocean, or a new original animated video that might follow a side character from the Golden Wind. The world created by Hirohiko Araki has continued for years in the manga, but we're still crossing our fingers that we'll hear new about a new anime project sooner rather than later!

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