JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Is Developing Live-Action Version of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is about to reenter the world of live action film. A new report from Japan has confirmed the anime's most popular spin-off will get a big adaptation this year. Hiroaki Araki's Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan will get a live-action series soon as its premiere is marked for later December.

The information came from NHK as the network clued fans in on the reveal. The JoJo spin-off will be adapted into a miniseries consisting of three episodes. And what's most is that the actor for Rohan has been cast.

The starring role goes to Issei Takahashi, a popular actor who has starred in projects like Whisper of the Heart and March Comes in Like a Lion. He will be in charge of Rohan for this JoJo miniseries, and a slew of other actors have been cast as well. You can check out the current list below:

jojo kishibe rohan
(Photo: David Production)
  • Marie Iitoyo as Kyoka Izumi
    Fuga Shibazaki as Ikkyu
    Mirari Moriyama as Juggo Shishi
    Kumi Takiuchi as Mai Katahira
    Tomoya Nakamura as Taro Hirai

NHK will debut the three-part miniseries starting December 28. The final two episodes will go live on December 29 and 30 respectively. The very first episode will adapt the Fugo Mara story presented in Araki's spin-off story. It will tail Rohan as he undergoes a mission in a ritzy manor, and episode two will follow the hero after he's given an odd request by manga creator Jugo Shishi. The third episode will contain an original story that sees Rohan try to uncover the mystery behind his editor's sudden memory loss. Director Kazutaka Watanabe will oversee this new JoJo adaptation while anime writer Yasuko Kobayashi pens the three scripts.

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