JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Star Joins My Hero Academia Season 4

A familiar voice from a certain Bizarre Adventure is joining the upcoming cast of super heroes in the fourth season of My Hero Academia. Though the two series couldn't possibly be more different, with the former acting as more a strange anthology series that follows different ancestors of the JoJo bloodline and the latter following a group of would-be heroes looking to climb the ladder, this doesn't mean there can't be some overlap. Some Phantom Blood is on its way to UA Academy!

Twitter Source YonkoProductions blasted out the page from Weekly Shonen Jump that states that the upcoming hero, FatGum, will be brought to life by none other than Kazuyuki Okitsu, the voice of Jonathan Joestar:

Kazuyuki has also brought to life characters from such popular series as Cells At Work!, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Fire Force, Black Butler, and Food Wars! to name a few.

My JoJo Academia
(Photo: David Production & Studio Bones)

Jonathan Joestar was the first protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, beginning the franchise by facing off against the series' most iconic villain, Dio Brando. Though he didn't have a Stand himself, he used a skill dubbed "the ripple" in order to bring down the vampiric rival and his creatures of the night. Though eventually, Jonathan dies against Dio during their final battle, and in a bit of irony, Brando manages to attach his head to Joestar's body creating the threat that the protagonists of Stardust Crusaders face in season three!

We don't want to go into a ton of spoilers regarding FatGum as he is going to be a very important new addition to the upcoming fourth season of My Hero Academia, but just know that he's strong and is going to be an influential part of taking the fight to Overhaul and his gang.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was originally created by Hirohiko Araki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987. Currently the second longest running series in the magazine with over 100 volumes collected, the series tells the story of the Joestar family, who are each entwined in a destiny battling outrageous foes. The series has been split up into eight parts, with each part following a different generation of the Joestar family.

My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and has been running in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, who lives in a world where everyone has powers, even though he was born without them. Dreaming to become a superhero anyway, he's eventually scouted by the world's best hero All Might and enrolls in a school for professional heroes. The series has been licensed by Viz Media for an English language release since 2015. My Hero Academia is gearing up for an even bigger end of 2019 with a new film in theaters later this year too.