JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Changes Stand Names in Netflix Release: Explained

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure hasn't been shy about naming a number of its characters off famous songs, rock stars, and bands, but this can cause some problems when it comes to bringing the anime franchise to the West. With Netflix recently bringing the Stone Ocean to its streaming service, similar changes have been made with regards to the adventure of Jolyne Cujoh and we thought we'd take the chance to breakdown some of the major differences between the original translation and this new release. 

Much like Giorno Giovanna's Stand in Golden Wind, Jolyne's Stand was given the name of Stone Ocean in the English translation but was actually called Stone Free in the original Japenese series. On top of this, Jolyne's friends had to receive similar changes, albeit much more drastic ones in order to skirt the potential problems that would arise from keeping their original names. Ermes Costello, the fellow prisoner of Green Dolphin Street Prison, was able to keep her original name in the English translation, but her Stand, Kiss, had to be changed. Of course, Ermes' Stand is named after the prolific rock band that has been touring the world for decades, instead being called "Smack," though the Stand's wild power remains.

Jolyne's other ally, Foo Fighters, is actually a Stand themselves, but in the English translation, is referred to as "F.F." which allows them to dodge any issues as well. Another of Jolyne's newfound friends, Weather Report, gets a name change in the form of Weather Forecast though this one ultimately seems unnecessary but better safe than sorry.

The enemy Stands that Jolyne and her friends run into all have some major changes made to their names with Marilyn Manson Debt Collector, Goo Goo Dolls, Manhattan Transfer, and Whitesnake being changed to Mary Lynn Manson Debt Collector, G.G. Dolls, Downtown Transfer, and Pale snake to name a few. As the series continues into the future, 

While the following Stands haven't been confirmed to arrive in the future of Stone Ocean, if the anime adaptation continues to follow the trajectory of its source material, expect the likes of Limp Bitzkit, Earth Wind Fire, Jail House Rock, and Stairway To Heaven to all receive name swaps. Hilariously enough, Limp Bitzkit specifically received a name change in the video game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, that touted it as "Flaccid Pancake," 

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