Jujutsu Kaisen Unveils New Glasses Line To Make You Look Like Gojo

Jujutsu Kaisen hit the scene as one of the biggest Shonen series of the last year, introducing the [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen hit the scene as one of the biggest Shonen series of the last year, introducing the world to the supernatural adventures of high schooler Yuji Itadori, and though the series might follow him, it seems as if the fan-favorite character has proved to be Satoru Gojo, a teacher within the ranks of Jujutsu Tech. Harboring a carefree attitude with some serious cursed energy to back it up, his appearances throughout the first season of the anime brought to life by Studio MAPPA have garnered plenty of attention, with a new line of sunglasses for the series arriving for fans.

While a second season for the students of Jujutsu Tech has yet to be confirmed, the sheer success of the anime adaptation for the Shonen franchise has already garnered it an upcoming animated film which will tell an earlier tale within the series, before Yuji downed one of the cursed fingers of Sukuna. Though Gojo isn't blind, he will normally be seen wearing either his stylish sunglasses or a blindfold when he makes regular appearances in the series. When Gojo loses his eyewear, he has been known to unleash some of the strongest attacks that the series has shown to date, making him that much more of a fan-favorite character.

Twitter User Ichika Kasuga shared the upcoming sunglass line that will not only feature the eyewear for Gojo, but also another hero on the side of Jujutsu Tech with Nanami, a cursed energy wielder who was a former student of the institution that became a salaryman while fighting supernatural creatures:

The eyewear line is offered through the Bandai Fashion Collection, with each of the sunglasses retailing for around $140 USD with an expected shipping date of this October, but you may want to act fast as the glasses will be available for around a month.

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