Jump Festa 2020 Announces 10 Stages

Jump Festa is a long running expo that celebrates the biggest anime and manga franchises in Japan, [...]

Jump Festa is a long running expo that celebrates the biggest anime and manga franchises in Japan, sponsored by Shueisha. Each year, the convention dives into the movers and shakers of the mediums of anime and manga, placing a spotlight onto the biggest series that are changing the world in terms of storytelling. For the upcoming 2020 expo, Jump Festa has announced the "ten stages", aka the ten properties that will be discussed and highlighted during the convention. Each panel will have around forty minutes or so to diagnose the series and reveal new tidbits about what is coming up for the characters of each franchise. While the stages listed here are fairly predictable, it raises our eyebrows that there is a mystery panel featured as well.

Twitter User WSJ_Mang shared the initial announcement for the upcoming Jump Festa 2020, taking place on December 21st and the 22nd, that breaks down which anime franchises will be featured, showing that fans of these series have a lot to look forward to in terms of upcoming announcements later this winter:

The list of anime that will be featured include My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, Black Clover, Haikyu!!, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, The Promised Neverland, Demon Slayer, and One Piece. Though there's no confirmation on just which anime will be the mystery panel, fans are beginning to speculate ideas for what this new anime/manga could be. From the "out there" prediction of bringing back the popular anime franchise, Bleach, or simply adding in the usual powerhouse that is Dragon Ball Super.

Jump Festa started in 1999, it has become a powerhouse in terms of delivering information to fans and has even included participation from some of the bigger companies that create video games and general merchandise related to these giant anime properties. Bandai Namco, Capcom, and Square Enix have all been attendees of the expo, having created numerous games that take players into the worlds of some of the biggest anime properties.

What do you think of this initial line-up for the upcoming popular expo that is Jump Festa? Which anime are you most looking forward to hearing more news about that? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Shonen Jump!