Junji Ito Shares "Nightmare Fuel" Preview Of New Book

Junji Ito has earned his place as one of the most recognizable names in horror when it comes to the worlds of manga and anime, weaving tales of terror that are unlike anything else on the market. As fans wait for the upcoming Uzumaki adaptation that is set to arrive next year, the horror mangaka continues to create new spine chilling stories, as a new preview has arrived focusing on Ito's newest work, Deserter.   

One of the biggest projects that fans of the horror mangaka are waiting for is the arrival of the anime adaptation of one of his most classic tales in Uzumaki, which will hit televisions in the fall of next year as a project between Cartoon Network and Production IG. Though the series hit a major snag and was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are still waiting patiently for the anime adaptation that seems to be the truest to the artwork of Junji Ito himself, presenting a black and white story that looks ripped straight from the page.

Viz Media's Official Twitter Account shared a new terrifying video and preview for the upcoming collection, which is added to the vast library of spooky stories that Junji Ito has made in his career:

Viz Media shared the official description for the latest Junji Ito compilation arriving later this week: 

"A vengeful family hides an army deserter for eight years after the end of World War II, cocooning him in a false reality where the war never ended. A pair of girls look alike, but they're not twins. And a boy's nightmare threatens to spill out into the real world…

This hauntingly strange story collection showcases a dozen of Junji Ito's earliest works from when he burst onto the horror scene, sowing fresh seeds of terror."

Junji Ito has received a number of adaptations over the year, but it will be interesting to see if any of these new stories are able to find their way into the world of animation, as horror is a genre that isn't represented nearly enough in the world of anime.

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