Junji Ito Examines Monsters Of The Internet

Junji Ito had proven himself to be the premier master of horror within the world of anime and manga, and with his next animated project hitting Adult Swim in this year's Uzumaki, the mangaka recently took the opportunity to study the next generation of horror with the monsters of the internet. With the world of CreepyPasta giving us the likes of the movie Slender Man and the television series Channel Zero, it's clear that horror fans online have managed to create some long-lasting terrors that are some of the strangest that the world has ever seen.

Ito himself has created some of the most horrific monsters in anime's history, with the likes of the aquatic monstrosities of Gyo walking on the surface world using spider-like appendages and other terrors that are unlike anything seen in any medium before. One of the horror mangaka's strengths has always been the ability to blend the mundane with the idea of incomprehensible horror, making his creations stick around in the public zeitgeist as well as more than a few nightmares. While we don't yet have a release date for Adult Swim's Uzumaki, expect plenty more monsters to appear in the latest anime adaptation from the master of horror.

Viz Media took the opportunity to introduce Junji Ito to a number of popular monsters of the internet, including the likes of Siren Head, Mirror Matt, and Long Horse to name a few, with the mangaka offering his thoughts on their designs and which creature he ultimately deems to be his favorite:

While Ito has spent more than enough time creating original monstrosities, he also has taken the opportunity to dive into adaptations, using his insane art to bring to life manga for Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and the creepy novel adaptation of No Longer Human. While there are no current plans for Ito to test his skills on bringing to life any new adaptations for the monsters he was introduced to in this video, it seems that the horror mangaka has a newfound love for the likes of Siren Head and his brood.


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